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Land Readjustment and Urban Development

Land readjustment is an urban development method of shared implementation utilized in several countries around the world, especially in Japan - but still relatively unknown - in which land owners and tenants contribute to the project’s funding and the urban transformation completion together with the Government. According to land readjustment, the value of existing rights is carefully evaluated and the limits of land are rearranged. After the project, the percentage of existing rights of each holder in the area should in principle be the same as before the project, even though the area and location of their property are different. It is common that the posterior area of the land is smaller because of the quota increase for space dedicated to public use, such as roads, parks, and schools, but its value is higher because of the value added by these facilities, as well as by more intensive land use.

This website was created within an institutional partnership of theMunicipality of São Paulo (PMSP) through its Municipal Secretariat of Urban Development (SMDU) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) through its JICA Alumni Association of São Paulo (ABJICA), with the objective to disseminate and promote knowledge about this method of urban planning. The greatest value of the website is to gather published material from a wide range of different countries that accomplish the basic functions of land readjustment (from reorder patterns of property ownership while collecting contributions of existing residents to maintain existing communities on site) reaching a better understanding of the fundamental contributions of this method to the diverse systems of governance and urban planning.

If you want to publish your book or academic article about urban planning and land readjustment at our website, please, send us an e-mail to urban@landreadjustment.com. This website is under construction and it is available in English and Portuguese (more languages coming soon).

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Selected document:
SOUZA, Felipe Francisco de (2011). Methods of Urban Planning: Land Readjustment and Urban Redevelopment Projects. São Paulo, Brazil: Paulo’s Press, 1st edition.

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